How I work

We’re all very different as individuals and in relationships. I work with people of diverse ages, genders, sexualities, identities, relationships, lifestyles and practices, and tailor my approach to focus on your needs and make each session meaningful.

As well as listening to you, without judgement, I will help you understand your thoughts, feelings and behaviours, and support you in changing them if you want to.

Integrative approach

I’m a fully-qualified integrative counsellor, relationship therapist and psychosexual therapist, which means that I work with individuals, couples and other types of relationship (eg parents and adult children or siblings) across the three main approaches to counselling and psychotherapy:

Changing your thoughts or behaviour to overcome problems using proven tools and techniques

Focusing on your development and growth, as an individual and in relationships

Discovering how your unconscious mind affect your thoughts, feelings and behaviour

How long will it take?

I’m often asked this question! Some people feel ok after 6 – 12 sessions; for others it could be 6 months or more.