Overcoming hoarding

Hoarding has finally been recognised as a mental health disorder. Hopefully, as we’ve seen with other disorders, hoarding will start to lose the stigma attached to it and people will realise that someone who hoards cannot simply ‘have a good clear out‘ or ‘stop buying stuff they don’t need‘.

According to NHS England, you might have a hoarding disorder if you:

  • keep or collect items that may have little or no monetary value, such as junk mail and carrier bags, or items you intend to reuse or repair
  • find it hard to categorise or organise items
  • have difficulties making decisions
  • struggle to manage everyday tasks, such as cooking, cleaning and paying bills
  • become extremely attached to items, refusing to let anyone touch or borrow them
  • have poor relationships with family or friends.

It’s estimated that between 2% and 5% of adults in the UK may have symptoms of a hoarding disorder. So you’re not alone.

How could I help you?

I can give you both emotional and practical support to overcome hoarding.

As a qualified counsellor I can help you understand why you started hoarding, why you find it difficult to get rid of stuff and learn strategies to overcome your acquiring and hoarding. And I will roll up my sleeves and help you declutter your home too.

Where are you on the clutter scale?

Take a look at this short clip from the BBC and see if you could benefit from support in overcoming hoarding.

Want to know more?

The BBC featured me working as a declutter buddy in a pilot scheme run by Mind in Croydon. Qualified counsellors buddied up with people who experience hoarding disorder. Treatment goals included creating living space, reducing acquiring, improving decision making and reducing clutter, as well understanding why they hoard.  Over the 14 weeks we worked together, our clients made great progress in overcoming hoarding. Here are before and after photos of the spare room of one of my clients:

Before and after photo







You can find out more in this article on the BBC News website.