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Coming off antidepressants | The need for greater understanding and support

By Diane | 12 March 2020

Antidepressant withdrawal needs to be taken more seriously. Antidepressants certainly have their place as part of a wider treatment plan. But more needs to be done to help people understand the impact of coming off them. If people come off them too quickly they are likely to suffer from debilitating withdrawal symptoms, like agitation, anixety,…

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Can you really have fantastic sex after years together?

By Diane | 30 October 2019

Is it really possible to have fantastic sex with your partner if you’ve been together for a long time? I see so many people, couples and individuals, who are worried that they’re not having as much sex as they used to  have with their partner. Or in a lot cases, as much as they think…

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What’s it all about?

By Diane | 8 November 2015

I’ve been thinking of sharing my ruminations on life for a long time. But who would be interested? Where should I start? Isn’t it all a bit narcissistic? Would it be too risqué/boring/pretentious/unenlightening? The list of self-defeating adjectives is endless. Because that’s what most of us are good at. Bigging up others and putting ourselves down. Today I thought, “get…

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